The Negatives of Bartending Revealed in Their Gory Detail

Alright, so bartending is not all about just having an awesome time drinking and earning money. There is a lot of negatives that go into bartending and it is something you should be aware of before getting involved in the industry or making it your full time career choice. Even though this article is going to be sharing a lot about the negative aspects, remember there is a ton of positives to this industry too so do not let this sway you from starting a career you love.


It is just better to be in the know.


Speaking of being in the know, it is always good to understand how you can earn more by increasing the amount people tip you. We actually just published an article about how you can earn more money bartending whether you are part time or full time that you should check out if you decide this is the path for you.


Now since we have gotten all that out of the way, let us dive into some of these grisly details of bartending!


You are going to face alcoholics. That is just the name of the game. Learn to cut them off before they get too bad, but you will encounter them and it will likely be very uncomfortable. This can be especially true if you are an attractive woman. Make sure to always have someway to defend yourself just in case, alcohol is often called liquid courage and sometimes it can turn men into liquified idiots.


You will eventually, sometime in the future or perhaps even often, in your bartending career have to clean up vomit and drunken messes. Just the other day I saw a bunch of regulars who spilled popcorn from the bar popcorn machine all over the floor. They are normally pretty good patrons and this is a rare event for them to do something like this. Of course, they were drunk so I cannot just straight up blame them, right?


You should not create badwill and sometimes that means… cleaning up the vomit or the spilled popcorn while they have a good time. That is just the way of life of the bartending world.


Then there is bar backing. Most bartenders actually start out bar backing. This is where at a busy bar you are constantly bringing in new drinks, beer, liquors and supplies to the bartender at the busy bar. Now, often you will not have a bar back because they might call in sick or unexpectedly quit or a whole myriad of issues that could crop up.


Effectively this means you are now doing two jobs. In a busy bar, you will need to really practice your speed and efficiency.


That is the other negative aspect… this job can be very fast paced. You will be on your feet all day without hardly a moment’s rest. This is most apparent on the weekends but it can happen during weekday evenings too. So just be prepared for that eventuality.


It will happen. Despite all this though, being a bartender can be an awesome and a very lucrative career for those who really practice and master the craft and industry.

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