The Advantages of Bartending School Versus “Winging It”

Bartending school can be a huge boon. As much as we talk about getting out of the typical 9 to 5 grind or avoiding expensive college tuition in favor of a lucrative career in bartending, education is still incredibly important.


And bartending school can be a great option for those who really want to maximize their earnings potential. The great thing about bartending school is that unlike traditional colleges, they are very inexpensive. It is rare to find a tuition that is higher than $1,000 and most of the good ones fall more into the range of $200-500 dollars.


Plus it will not take you a couple to six years to learn your craft. Most of these schools graduate their students with just 30 to 60 hours of education that can be split up over a couple to a few weeks depending on your current schedule.


But… can you not just learn how to bartend on your own without paying?


Yes absolutely! Unfortunately, we live in a society where a certification on a resume often beats unofficial experience. So going to a bartending school can be a major boon for you when it comes to actually applying to jobs. After all, you will be able to place it down on your resume and that is going to separate you from about 99% of the applicants who just hope to “luck out” and get a job bartending.


The other thing that is cool about attending bartending school that can seriously level you up as far as a bartending career goes is that most of these bartending schools have a job placement program setup. They know the local vendors and the local pubs, dive bars and popping clubs. That means they have contacts in the industry and profession already that you can utilize upon graduating. Of course, you will want to pay attention and make sure you really understand this stuff.


Because they will likely only be recommending their top dogs for the best bar positions out there. As we talked about in another article on this website, it is not unrealistic for an amazing bartender at an amazing bar to make $100,000 dollars a year.


That is six figures slinging drinks to happy, drunken patrons. How cool is that?


First though, you need the education and the experience. In addition to both padding your resume and the job placement services most of these booze colleges offer you, you will also learn valuable skills such as how to craft the perfect coktail. You will learn different styles of drinks and different recipes.


You could even end up learning enough where you start experimenting with your own style of cocktails and mixed drinks. You get good at this and you can create some extremely happy patrons who are almost always willing to pay a little extra for an experimental spirit that is going to add joy to their night out.


So is bartending school for you? Well, that really depends. First, read our article on the negative aspects of bartending and decide if bartending is the career for you or just something you want to do as a side hustle. If you do want this as a career then I highly recommend a bartending school!

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