Mastering Your Debt By Slinging Booze – Can You Really Do It?

Bartending is a pretty amazing career. Flexible hours, fun environment and often you get to meet really cool people that can lead to all sorts of intriguing and exciting opportunities. Most people in America currently suffer underneath an overwhelming form of debt. Often this debt is from college loans, from bad usage of credit cards, or from a myriad of other issues such as emergency medical bills that pop up.


So can bartending help this epidemic of debt that people have going on in their personal lives?


I think so – and I think it can do it in an awesome and amazing way without causing undue stress for people that want to get out from the beneath their burden of debt.


The cool thing about bartending as an extra job, is that you can plow ALL of those wages directly into your debts. Even if you do not have debt and just want some extra cash, just by putting an extra $100-300 dollars a month towards your mortgage can kill off the mortgage by sometimes a decade sooner on a 30 year loan.


How awesome is that?


Everyone’s goal should be to become debt free and bar tending can be a huge boon in this aspect. By just putting away an extra $100-400 dollars a month, the vast majority of people suffering from foreclosures could had avoided losing their homes. Is that not crazy or what?


You would literally only need to have had earned an extra $3.33 or $13.33 a day to make that happen too. Do you think you could do that with a couple nights a week of bartending? You betcha!


If you want to get out of debt with bartending, your first goal is to save up a $1,000 in emergency funds. After that, your next goal is to pay off an extra $100-300 a month towards some debt that you owe. While doing that, also continue to save 10% of every paycheck from your bartending career or side hustle.


You will be absolutely amazed how fast that 10% grows if you do this consistently. And the great thing about saving 10% of your money, is that you will not even notice it is gone. Trust me. You think you will, but you will not.


The best way to go about this is to just setup an automatic payment system that takes the money straight away from your account and goes into your savings account that you never see. You will likely end up having an extra thousand to two thousand dollars at the end of the year if you do this correct, plus a lot less debt because of the extra $100-300 dollar payments you will be making.

Bartending, truly, is a way you can side hustle yourself out of the burden of debt and into the joy of having some fun. After all, on a $2,000 budget you can go to some pretty awesome palces in this world and who does not love to travel?

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