How to Make Extra Money or a Full Time Career Out of Bartending

Bartending is a fantastic career choice, one that is often highly underrated and considered only a “young person’s” game. This is totally untrue, and the career can offer you some wild opportunities if you go after it in the right way.


If you are just looking to make some extra money though, bartending is often a job that can create some great extra cash flow while also often being pretty enjoyable for the most part. As with any job, there are negatives and you can learn more about on our article we wrote for this site about the negative aspects of bartending. But for now, let us focus on the prime reason why we get a job in the first place – the money, the dollars, that paper we all crave!


So what are some strategies you can implement today to help your bartending career?


Well, for one, become a conversationalist. Not every bar is a pumping club or an overpacked dive bar serving microbrews to hipsters where you can barely hear anyone over the blaring music and audio equipment. A lot of people become loyal to their bartenders that get to know them and engage in friendly conversation.


The easiest way to master becoming a conversationalist is to simply ask your patron questions. The more questions you ask that person about themselves and really get them to open up, the more they will view you in a positive manner that really can up your ticket when it comes to your patrons. Plus, this builds a relationship. People love buying things, but they love buying things even more from people they know, like and trust.


So… the first way to really increase your bartending earnings is to simply become your patrons friend.


You will start getting a lot of fan favorites and repeat business if you do this right.


The second way is to improve your bartending skills. Learn some tricks. Do you know how to pour some beer perfectly? Have you mastered the ultimate dirty martini or cocktail? What about those fancy shots that you can light on fire that people drink?


Learning these kind of tricks can impress the people you are serving and make them tip you much more generously for the entertainment. You do not need to learn how to juggle a buttload of buddweisers, but knowing a few bar tricks is always impressive and interesting. You are literally adding value to their night out.


After all, they could had just as easily bought their alcohol from a local store for way cheaper and drank at home instead of benefitting your bartending career with their patronage.


Finally, the biggest way to assure yourself more tips is your service. Become fast and efficient. Learn all the ins and outs of your bar. Notice when people are wanting more to drink, attend your tables, your bar and patrons with speed and you will increase your ticket and the size of your tips (plus a fast bartender will get a lot of loyal customers!)


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